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Nekronet's new single has been released!

- Click here to download the EP for free -

Venom EP

- 1 - Venom
- 2 - Venom (Grendel remix)
- 3 - Venom (Sonik Foundry remix)
- 4 - Venom (Injected mix by Savi0r)
- 5 - Venom (Mechanical Vein remix)
- 6 - Venom (Dr. Avi remix)

For those who have been to a Nekronet show, the band has just released a popular song played live, "Venom". This release includes 5 remixes as well, by Grendel, Sonik Foundry, Savi0r, Mechanical Vein, and Dr. Avi. Request the track at your local club and stomp the place to the ground!

Download Gilded Illusion Online

Thats right guys, Nekronet's album Gilded Illusion is available at all major online music distributors! Get your copy on ITunes, Amazon, Last.FM, and many more online stores!